March 31, 2011

I’m moving to L.A. into the Bunny House, one week from today. I’m both excited & nervous…. :)

6 Responses to “March 31, 2011”

  1. Darragh O'Neill says:

    omfg Shera I am mad about you. I remember the day last October when I bought your Playboy issue, something unfortunate happened to me on the way home but I was still so delighted that I had your pictures!!!

  2. steve Billingsley says:

    gee l hope all that heat doesn’t ruin a seasonal should enjoy it,have fun play safe ,best of luck to yoursister in kap as well…….

  3. Jimmy says:


    I saw Sweet Karma recently on Netflix and my girlfriend and I have been talking about it for days. Your quiet intensity is what kept up the tension from beginning to end. You MADE the film.

    What’s VERY odd is that I was recently talking to someone about it on the phone when driving back to my place in the city (Chicago). I was coming out from the ‘burbs and made a few choice wrong turns getting back to Belmont Ave.

    While I was talking about the movie, I ended up driving right past Steinmetz Academy (first time ever seeing the building).

    A couple days later, Hef is introducing you on Twitter.

    Coincidence? Maybe.

    A sign? Yes. It means one of these may happen:

    – You are on to bigger, better things
    – I’m going to end up pimping out Russian girls or I’ll end up being a 36 year old high school janitor (or both)

    Let’s hope it’s option A!

  4. dave says:

    well good luck in the ol mansion,. i am happy that you are making a succesful life, although it also makes me sad that you are going there, it is not fair that heffner gets the most beatiful woman in the world, guess thats the way it goes, follow your heart, and stay true to yourself and what you know is best for you,. and most importantly, if your happy, all us fans are happy, so congrats, and good luck, love ya. oh and if you ever need a lifelong endentured man-slave thats decently goodlooking. just ask :)

  5. china says:

    i`m chinese , i like you and your`s film ! ?????????????.good luck

  6. Debrina says:

    Hi Shera:

    My son and I watched you in Sweet Karma on Netflix a few days ago. You were great in this movie. You kicked some butt. I love revenge movies. Especially when the bad guys seriously deserves to be paid back. And they definitely did in Sweet Karma. I just read that you are Hef’s new babe. How sweet is that? I Love Hugh Hefner. Seems so nice, geniune and has a big heart. And sexy too. I don’t care what that old ex of his said on Howard Stern show. Anyway, keep making movies girl. And have a blast at the Mansion. Enjoy your life.