Fan Blog

Some awesome fans have started a little blog about me. I don’t contribute to it (or else it wouldn’t be a fan blog…) but I do give them goodies for it every now & then. You can check it out here:

5 Responses to “Fan Blog”

  1. Savio says:

    Hi Shera Bechard,
    You know i stay i India. nobody mostly knows about you in my area.i am great fan of yours! Looking at your pics i feel a great desire for you!!!

  2. cuicui says:

    hello Shera Bechard,
    i m Chinese,i like you after looking at your movie.i m not good at English,so i cann’t talk much.i was born in 1985,too,but earlier than you several months.i am a girl are so beautiful!best wish for you.good luck

  3. jithendras says:

    Hi Shera,

    Very nice of you. Thanks for considering to communicate with us. You are good rocked in your debut film….. as well as u r very good person.

    Love you

  4. fran says:

    congratulations from the south of spain,seville,dear shera.a very touching and hard made a great work..without saying anything!!!!….jajaja…hope to see you in a drama movie….you got talent

  5. Greg says:

    very beautiful girl :) Greg from LA
    Big fan and want to see you in action sexy roles